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Individual Session

You can speak with the therapist on a individual basis. Our session will consist of solution focused and cognitive behavioral methods to assist you with your problems and help you discover your identified goals.

Couples Counseling

We will discuss ways to improve communication and mutual respect to save your marriage, or find a way to work amicably together as you approach separation or divorce.

Family Counseling Group

Are you having difficulty expressing yourself or getting along with your family? Family sessions are designed to improve communication and mutual respect in your family. If assessed as appropriate and necessary your child can attend.

relationship. This educational process is exclusive to couples who are willing to work together to discover ways to improve their relationship. Similar to the services above whatever is shared in the group will remain confidential.

Addiction recovery and Support Group 

Addiction doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone of any socioeconomic status. I offer individual therapy and an addiction group. You can choose whatever treatment modality that will be suitable to you. In addition to support during recovery, I will discuss coping skills and various ways to discover and utilize healthier activities to cope with stress.

Sister Circle support Group

You will receive support from the therapist and support from group members. Which will consist of a variety of therapeutic activities and discussions to help group members learn techniques to promote self care, improve self esteem, learn healthy to-s for conflict resolution, and many skills to improve communication and tips to manage their lives.

Anger Management Group

A variety of team building activities to help group members learn techniques for conflict resolution, positive assertiveness and to manage their anger.