Journey Fulfilled LLC

Offers coaching, counseling and support to young adults, adults, couples and families.

This practice is operated by

Crystal Evans, LCSW, LCADC

A licensed clinical social worker  and licensed clinical alcohol drug counselor with years of experience helping people from “all walks of life” to fulfill their true potential. We welcome young adults, adults and older adults struggling with addiction and or addictive behaviors. I also have the ability to treat the tenacious entrepreneur and or professional looking for ways to realize their potential and get ahead. If your struggling with poor self esteem, depression, poor motivation, mental illness, work related stress, and or stress from significant life changes. You too can discover ways to find peace in your life. Even if your adjusting to a disability and or significant life change. There is no way you can’t live life to your full potential.


Are you currently stressed out? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you want to fulfill your goals? Are you struggling with a life change? Do you feel mentally and sometimes physically exhausted? Are you Questioning yourself? Are you tired and feel spread thin? Beyond tired of feeling as if your at wits end?

Are you looking for solutions to improve and or simplify your life? Would you like to discuss ways to fulfill your absolute potential while continuing to be authentic self?

Whether you’ve tried supportive coaching or therapy in the past; or your looking to receive support for the first time, your needs are important. Equally as important as being heard and understood. I understand how difficult life can be and I also understand how difficult it can be to take care of yourself when life isn’t going the way you expected.

Although, things aren’t perfect, taking the necessary steps to fulfill your true potential can not only improve your life but, it can help everything else fall into place.

Call me so that we can work together. 


1390 Valley rd. Suite 1B

Stirling, N.J. 07980