Having a rough time is more common than you think.

Life is different for all of us but were similar in many ways. We’re all trying the best we can to be satisfied, happy or pleased in the life we live. We can all agree that life can be difficult, but it doesn’t mean that we have to suffer. We can be responsible for the choices that we can make to live the live that we want to live.


Are you having a difficult time?

Have you ever felt alone or confused about life? Believe me we’ve all spent time struggling to decide if we should forgive or forget. Should we stay or should we go? There are even moments where we question. Why me? Honestly this question isn’t easily answered.

 But what we can do is learn ways to make peace with the past so instead of tiptoeing around your truth. You can walk through it. And yes many have and will say it’s easier said than done. But I am here to tell you that it is possible. You can absolutely live the life you want to live and achieve the goals you desire. All you have to do is decide that you no longer want to let the past dictate your future and make a commitment to no longer let hurt, fear or anxiety control your life.

Call, Complete the intake form or email to inquire about ways to discover and obtain personal freedom.

Freedom, to live your life in your way.  

Have you had a recent injury, surgery or a change in mobility?

Are you struggling with a recent life change such as an injury or a significant medical diagnosis. Are you trying to get used to this new way of life. Do you often feel as if your on a endless cycle of pain and discomfort, But your seriously trying to be comfortable in your own skin. Trust me, I get it and understand that there are times where you may feel as if being in pain is endless. You’ll even grieve the life you once had, the mobility you used to have and the body you now have to get used to.

At times you may even doubt that you’ll get used to this new life, But I believe it is possible, It is definitely possible for you to be comfortable in the skin your in. In addition to finding the comfort you crave it is also possible for you to learn new and healthy ways to accept and cope with your life and learn ways to manage your pain.



Sister Circle (Adult Women Support Group)

Registration is required to attend the group.

It’s tough being a woman during a time where we’re expected to do everything. It is far too easy to trick your self into believing that you need get straight A’s, get married, take care of your children, manage deadlined , maintain a job, maintain a relationship and not complain.  As women were always considered the backbone of our family tasked to keep things together, even while were falling apart. Who will be our backbone? Who will help keep us together.

Despite the expectations of this world, Please understand that it is okay to take a break, it’s okay to say no. and its okay to work on you.

This support group will take place every second Saturday of the month at 1:00pm.

There will be a variety of therapeutic activities and discussions to help group members learn techniques to promote self care, improve self esteem, and learn healthy ways to resolve conflict. We will also discuss techniques that will help our members improve communication and strategies to manage their lives. These activities will improve self-esteem, self-preservation, and encourage personal growth.

At Journey Fulfilled every group member is valued and an important part of the process. Each member will be encouraged to achieve their goals. But Our goal is to help you gain the skills necessary to learn compassion for yourself and others. In addition to self-love, self-care and self acceptance.

Our group will always consist of no more than 8 participants. Confidentiality, Participation and honest self-disclosure is encouraged from each group member. You will leave embraced, empowered and ready to be proactive in life.

This group can be covered by your health insurance, FSA and HSA. If I’m not contracted with your insurance company. This group may be reimbursed by your insurance provider.


Did someone say your AnGry?!

If lately you feel intensly upset or irritable about a bunch of things. More than often your feelings are real.  I’m also sure that you can also provide absolutely valid reasons as to why your upset. But, one thing many people don’t understand is the absolute fact that anger is a secondary emotion.

With that being said there are many emotions that are stimulated way before anger takes over, and together we can discuss these emotions. If your angry or people say your angry then lets discuss it and and together we can work on ways to manage these feelings.