Frequently Asked Questions


should I attend Individual Therapy or group therapy?

The option is yours. Some people prefer individual therapy so that they can be comfortable sharing their difficulties with only the therapist. However, there are some people that prefer to receive treatment in a group setting.There are advantages to both treatment settings, you may attend one or the other options. Some people attend both, as always the choice is yours.

What size are the groups?

The group will remain no larger than 8 participants and the therapist. Couples groups are limited to no more than 4 couples. There are no exceptions to this rule. This policy was created in order to give every participant the opportunity to speak , feel heard and benefit from the process. From my experience when groups are too large, participants are reluctant to share and are unable to benefit from the group. My groups are encouraged to remain small and enable participants the opportunity to grow and share through mutual support.

do you accept insurance?

I’m considered an out of network provider. which means that insurance companies may reimburse you for the services that you have paid for out of pocket. Many people don’t realize this and would rather limit themselves to the providers that participate with their insurance. Visiting an out of network provider gives you the opportunity to manage your own treatment. I will provide you with a receipt for your service so that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I also accept payments from a flexible spending accounts (FSA) and or health savings account (HSA).

what insurance companies do you work with?

I’m currently a contracted provider with Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, Horizon BCBS also known as Beacon Health, Value Options. I also accept Tricare for family and veterans of military and MagnaCare.

I also accept out of network benefits.

Currently I’m in negotiation with , United Health care also known as Optum Healthcare, please check back for any updates on the process.

I also have a sliding scale and offer flexible payment options. Email or call to inquire.

Does ins cover coaching.

Insurance doesn’t cover Coaching, however in some cases we can discuss ways to request that insurance can assist with a portion of your payment.

what are your hours?

I’m open from Tuesday to Friday from 11:00am to 4:00pm and Saturday from 11:00am to 2:00 pm. Please call to request a certain day and time. If that time is unavailable we can discuss alternative options.

How Do i set up an appointment?

Please complete the appointment request form. I will call you for a phone consultation and answer whatever questions you may have about treatment. If your interested in moving forward. I will request that you complete admission documents and schedule an appointment for treatment.

do you treat children?

At this moment I only treat adults, and couples ages 18 and up. I also provide family counseling if your in need of treatment as a family.

In the future I intend to develop a comphrehensive program for children.

Is this confidential?

All of my sessions whether individual, group, family or marital will remain confidential. However there are limitations of confidentiality. If your at risk of harming yourself or others. I am mandated by the state to notify the proper authorities. Otherwise if your safe, your family is safe and you have no intention to harm anyone everything you say will remain confidential.

When can I start treatment ?

As soon as you email or call to schedule your appointment. I have a flexible schedule and options that will make it possible for you to begin treatment as soon as possible.